About Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists, who can be identified by the CAT(C) credential, are most often known for their on-field emergency care of high level athletes.

Athletic therapy starts with an assessment, and progresses through treatment and ultimately rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury. This treatment is not limited to professional or elite athletes, but is available to all Canadians.

Athletic therapists (ATs) are held to the Sports Medicine Model of Care while providing treatment.  The demographic of patients ranges from children right up to senior citizens, and spans the spectrum of injuries from (literally) head to toe. Minor injuries to rehabilitation of major surgical interventions are all treated by ATs.  A variety of support techniques, modalities and manual therapies are utilised by ATs to optimise your recovery.  The goal of every athletic therapists is the same: return our clients to their usual daily activities.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association website